Families are so difficult !!!

families are so hard to deal with – my dad died and not long after my sister claimed that he was not her real father – which obviously upset me more – yet she lived for the last 20 years on their pension and under my mother’s property roof – I gave my sister a free hand to deal with the properties, to make sure she is okay – when she saw herself settled she now claims that my mother left the family property to her (which I know it is not the case) – she didn’t tell me when my mother died because she is scared that I will claim what is rightfully mine too – I cannot believe that someone who is blood related to me would do such a thing – I am not a blonde nor am I stupid,  even though I let people think that I am an easy target – just because I am kind and considerate. I will put a stop to those people using my good nature for their advantage.

By amalbici